Women's Health

Regulatory Update: Mammography Quality Standards Act

It is estimated that there will be 268,600 new cases of invasive breast cancer, exclusive of recurrent breast cancer, 62,930 cases of both ductal and lobular in situ breast cancer and 41,760 breast cancer deaths among U.S. women in 2019.

An Expert Partner in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Since its founding, the Breast Health Center at Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center, a member of Catholic Health Services, has served as a comprehensive resource for women who are dealing with breast cancer.

St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center’s Breast Health Program: University-Level Care in a Community Setting

The Breast Health Program at St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center features cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic services, a multidisciplinary approach that fosters seamless care and improves outcomes, and a philosophy of personalizing and customizing treatment for each individual — all the elements patients and referring physicians seek at academic medical centers throughout New York without the burden of having to travel.

Informed Consent Considerations for Mammography in Women with Breast Implants

Mammography is generally considered a low-risk diagnostic test that plays an important role in the early detection of breast cancer. Risks associated with mammography include pain and exposure to low-dose radiation. The risks are increased in women with breast implants. Breast implants...

Highlighting Menopausal Health and Osteoporosis Options at St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center

Frank Bonura, MD, FACOG, NCMP, CCD, Director of Menopausal Health and Director of the Osteoporosis Program at Siena Women’s Health, discusses the unique solutions available to women in Suffolk County.

Talking Breast Health at St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center

Jana Deitch, MD, FACS, Director of Breast Health Services at St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center, discusses the personalized care, advanced screening options and comprehensive treatments available to women at St. Catherine.

South Nassau Communities Hospital Expands High-risk Pregnancy Care with Center for Maternal Fetal Medicine

The South Nassau Center for Maternal Fetal Medicine is the only institution of its kind on the South Shore to offer high-risk pregnancy care, including ultrasound services, advanced fetal monitoring, genetic testing and counseling, diabetes education and more.

Beware of the Second Opinion Exposure

As individuals take more ownership of their health, there is a significant increase in the pursuit of second opinions. Second opinions are so frequently sought that many institutions, including the Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins University, have begun offering online second opinions. In 2005...

Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center Breast Health Services: A Patient-centric Approach Meets Advanced, Evidence-based Care

From routine screenings to biopsies, breast and reconstructive surgery, and supportive survivorship services, the Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Breast Health Services team provides up-to-date, patient-focused care at every point in women’s breast cancer journeys.

The Significant Dangers of Engaging in a Physician-patient Relationship with Family or Friends

It is quite common for physicians to be asked to render “informal” care and treatment to family and friends. Providing casual care and treatment, even by way of a simple prescription, while probably common, can result in potentially serious adverse medical consequences for the patient...