Technological advances in medicine have resulted in more versatile and more effective neuromodulation devices that can aid in improved control of various types of chronic pain. NSPC leads the way on Long Island in making these advances available for patients.
For appropriate adolescent patients, bariatric surgery overcomes genetic propensity to obesity, though the exact mechanism is yet unknown.
What are your choices? What are the benefits?
Evidence indicates the strongest connection between the vaccination and myocarditis is among males ages 16 to 29.
Most patients understand that no surgeon can guarantee a perfect outcome and that undergoing surgery comes with the potential for risks and complications. This, however, does not stop them from seeking out an attorney when the complication occurs to them.
Will new mandates solve an old financial problem?
As robotic surgery evolves, Hesham Atwa, MD, FACS, FASMBS, and Long Island Laparoscopic Doctors offer patients an expanded array of minimally invasive surgical techniques that yield shorter recovery times, fewer complications and reduced post-procedural pain.
NSPC Brain & Spine Surgery, Long Island’s largest independent neurosurgery practice group, debuted a mobile office service on Jan. 6 at the offices of the Town of Islip. Nearly a dozen town employees were examined by two NSPC neurosurgeons during a day-long visit to Islip.
Provide balanced informed consent guidance to bariatric surgery patients for overall health quality of life changes.
Certain financial and lifestyle choices may lead you toward a better future.