While bariatric surgery has been performed for some time at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center (BMHMC), the American College of Surgeons-accredited program has added surgeons and deepened collaborations to provide a true comprehensive bariatric care model.
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Offering a full range of clinical neuroscience services — from medical and surgical radiation treatments for tumors to back and spine surgery to trauma care — St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center aims to provide tertiary-level care to Long Island residents.
The Eastchester Center for Breast Care, led by Nella Shapiro, MD, Director of Breast Surgery at the Eastchester Center for Breast Center, is now a division of New York Cancer & Blood Specialists. Dr. Shapiro is a well-known and respected surgeon who has treated multiple generations of patients in the Bronx and surrounding boroughs of New York City.
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More than 5 million Americans have at least moderately serious heart valve disease. St. Francis Hospital Heart Valve Center at Good Samaritan is dedicated to using its Proven expertise to ensure patients have access to quality, effective treatment.
The South Nassau Center for Maternal Fetal Medicine is the only institution of its kind on the South Shore to offer high-risk pregnancy care, including ultrasound services, advanced fetal monitoring, genetic testing and counseling, diabetes education and more.
From planning to execution, robotic-arm technology helps orthopedic surgeons individualize joint replacement surgery according to each patient’s specific anatomy, resulting in increased accuracy and precision during arthroplasty procedures.
With a career spanning over 40 years, Philip Schulman, MD, FACP, brings his vast knowledge of hematology and oncology, as well as his dedication to patient care and research, to New York Cancer & Blood Specialists.
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