Pain Institute of Long Island: Bringing Advances and State-of-the-Art Alternatives to Treat Chronic Pain

By Elizabeth Deal
Wednesday, May 12, 2021

At the Pain Institute of Long Island, a world-class team of pain management specialists takes an innovative approach to providing interventional pain medicine.

Robert Iadevaio, MD, D.ABA, Pain Institute of Long Island, consults with a patient regarding an upcoming procedure.

Many times the phrase “pain management” is used interchangeably with “pain medicine.” Yet studies continue to show how pain medications such as opioids are not an optimal first-line therapy for patients in pain. The medical team at the Pain Institute of Long Island takes a different approach to patient care, first identifying the source of the pain, then using innovative techniques to treat its cause.

“Opioids are not the most effective treatment for pain,” says Brian Durkin, DO, D.ABA, Medical Director at the Pain Institute of Long Island. “Our practice takes great pride in introducing new breakthrough pain management techniques and procedures so that patients can find relief without the need for opioids or even surgery. When a new technology or minimally invasive procedure comes out, our practice is usually one of the first in the area to evaluate its potential for improved patient outcomes and then perform it.”

As a result, the pain management specialists at the Pain Institute of Long Island help to ensure that referring physicians and patients have access to the leading-edge technologies and procedures as close to home as possible.

Expanding the Reach for Long Island

When a patient is in pain, it is comforting to know there are state-of-the-art options close by. With the Pain Institute of Long Island leading the way with innovative techniques in pain management, it was only natural for the medical team to want to expand and further their reach to patients in and around Long Island. Following the opening of offices in Suffolk County in Port Jefferson and Riverhead more than five years ago, the Pain Institute began its Nassau County expansion in Rockville Centre in 2019. In planning now is another Nassau County office in Plainview, as well as a new 10,000-square-foot flagship facility in Port Jefferson Station, with both opening later this year.

“When a patient is in pain, neither we nor their referring physician wants them to wait to find relief,” Dr. Durkin says. “The expansions into Port Jefferson Station and Plainview will allow us the reach we desire to provide care to more patients.”

“As our practice continues to grow, our pain management specialists are now able to provide care for patients across Long Island,” Dr. Durkin says. “Patients will be able to access treatment at more locations, allowing them to receive care in a more timely manner.”

Like the other Pain Institute of Long Island facilities, the Port Jefferson and Plainview expansions will also offer the latest techniques in interventional pain management in a friendly, patient-centric environment. With a team of more than fifteen physicians and supporting providers, the Pain Institute is the largest independent pain management practice on Long Island. This dedicated team works with all referring physician specialties to evaluate each patient’s unique needs and options available to them.

“Innovative procedures, such as peripheral nerve stimulation, are now available to help with certain chronic pain conditions,” says Robert Iadevaio, MD, D.ABA at the Pain Institute of Long Island. “Our facilities and hospital partners are able to provide these advanced approaches to pain medicine so that patients do not have to wait to receive pain relief. They can come to our facilities where their care is streamlined and receive treatment from a highly experienced team of pain management specialists dedicated to helping them get to the source of the problem.”

Groundbreaking Procedures for Common Conditions

While a vast array of conditions — from back pain to cancer pain — are treated at the Pain Institute of Long Island, approximately 80% of the patients seen at the facilities present with spinal issues. Patients experiencing back and leg pain, spinal stenosis, and neck and lower back pain are also frequently seen at the facilities.

“Sacroiliac joint dysfunction is another main reason patients seek medical treatment from a pain management specialist,” Dr. Iadevaio says. “While we do see knee and shoulder pain patients, most are not surgical candidates. They are looking for relief that they cannot obtain through surgery.”

Fortunately for them, the Pain Institute of Long Island is at the forefront of new treatments and improved techniques. One such technique that the Pain Institute of Long Island has adopted is the Intracept Procedure, which has been clinically proven to provide pain relief to patients who suffer from chronic back pain.

Dr. Durkin was one of the first physicians in the northeast region of the country to perform the Intracept Procedure.

“The procedure was only introduced in the last two years and has already proven itself to be an extremely successful tool in helping to treat patients who are experiencing long-term back pain,” Dr. Durkin states.

Because Dr. Durkin has performed the Intracept Procedure since its inception, other pain management specialists within the practice have now been trained on this technology to expand their treatment offerings.

“We are seeing great results with Intracept on patients who have not responded to other treatment options,” Dr. Iadevaio says. “Through this minimally invasive technique, we can utilize small incisions in order to block the pain signal where the degeneration is occurring.”

The Pain Institute is now one of the largest providers of this innovative technique on Long Island.

Intracept — and Beyond

In addition to the Intracept Procedure, other advanced pain management treatments offered through the Pain Institute of Long Island include:

  • MILD
  • Vertiflex
  • CornerLoc
  • SPRINT peripheral nerve stimulation system
  • Stimwave
  • Kyphoplasty
  • VIA Disc
  • Epidural steroid injections
  • Platelet-rich plasma
  • Prolotherapy
  • Acupuncture

Dr. Iadevaio performing a trigger point injection

Besides these treatments, the Pain Institute of Long Island is at the forefront of breakthroughs in interventional pain and spine treatment, often refining older procedures to find renewed success.

“Although newer treatments are certainly coming into play in the field of pain management, we are also revolutionizing many older treatments to offer better patient outcomes,” Dr. Durkin explains. “For instance, sacroiliac joint fusion has been performed for decades using screws, spacers and implants to help encourage bone growth. However, we have been able to refine the technique through less invasive approaches, which has resulted in better outcomes, reduced recovery time and a greatly improved experience for patients.”

Radiofrequency ablation is another procedure offering significant positive outcomes for patients who suffer from knee, shoulder and hip problems but are not candidates for surgery. Now, through ablation, patients can receive long-lasting relief without the need for surgery. Radiofrequency ablation often proves so effective that patients can forgo pain medication entirely.

“Today we have many tools in our toolbox to address pain issues. Through minimally invasive, leading-edge techniques, patients can get their quality of life back and enjoy the future.”
— Brian Durkin, DO, D.ABA, Medical Director at the Pain Institute of Long Island

A Winning Combination

When patients are referred to the Pain Institute of Long Island, they receive advanced care in state-of-the-art facilities, offered by world-class pain management specialists who strive to help them find relief from their chronic pain through cutting-edge modalities other than medication.

“Our physicians all started in various points of the pain management field where we have seen medication recommended as the main therapy for pain,” Dr. Iadevaio says. “Yet our physicians have questioned and continue to question that treatment path, as we have seen patients experience reduced quality of life through this treatment plan. Now there is research in medical journals and articles backing up our long-standing belief that pain medication should not be the primary solution. We were early adopters of that mindset and continue to search for leading-edge technologies that truly help patients overcome their chronic pain issues while eliminating or minimizing pain medication.”

“The knowledge and experience our world-class medical team brings to patients is invaluable. We are able to work with other area physicians to offer the latest techniques to their patients who may not be surgical candidates. Our goal is to work in conjunction with fellow area physicians to help obtain the end result everyone is striving for, which is for patients to be pain-free and back to living their life.”
— Robert Iadevaio, MD, D.ABA, Pain Institute of Long Island

Within the Pain Institute of Long Island, physicians collaborate to deliver the most effective and appropriate care possible. Their high level of expertise creates a culture that exudes quality care in a friendly, caring environment. The scale of the practice — not too small for specialization or too large for individualized care — allows patients to feel at home, while still accessing leading-edge treatments.

“While our practice is growing rapidly, we are not so big that patients and physicians get lost within the system,” Dr. Iadevaio says. “Our physicians have a dedicated interest in providing the highest quality care in each of our practice offices while our patients can feel they are receiving the one-on-one care they deserve. Our goal is to always have our patients feel as though they are seen and heard.”

Barbara Fonte, front desk receptionist, assisting new patient

Still, the growing practice allows for specialization as physicians with expertise in different pain-management modalities join the team.

“Our practice truly offers a multidisciplinary approach to care, as we have physicians from various backgrounds including anesthesiology, physical therapy and rehabilitation and other specialties,” Dr. Durkin says. “As a result, we can implement a care plan that caters to each individual patient and his or her specific condition and needs.”

In addition, the pain management specialists are all eager to learn new, innovative treatments and technologies while also researching ways to improve older practices through advanced techniques.

Dr. Durkin and Dr. Iadevaio discussing the latest leading-edge technologies

“Our physicians have the ability to develop various types of treatments and incorporate them into the practice in a more encompassing way,” Dr. Durkin says. “This isn’t to say we jump on every new procedure that comes our way. If we are unsure about a new technology or procedure, we wait to see whether anything can be improved upon. However, if there is a modality we are excited about and that we feel can really benefit patients, we are readily able to bring that to fruition within our practice. We don’t have to wait.”

In addition, as an independent practice, the Pain Institute of Long Island partners with area community hospitals, enabling their providers to perform surgeries throughout the region. This helps provide the flexibility to bring new treatments to the community and to make sure each patient can access the physician with the most appropriate skill set.

“Each of our pain management physicians specializes in certain techniques,” Dr. Durkin says. “No one performs everything. Therefore, we make sure the patient gets to the physician within the practice who is going to give the outcomes desired. The overarching goal of our practice is to always make sure we are improving the pain level and quality of life for our patients.”

Overcoming the Misconceptions of Pain Management

Samuel Brown, DO, and Peter Lascarides, DO, confer on the best treatment plan for a patient.

For many years, there has been a misconception that pain management primarily involves the prescription of opioid medications. The focus of the Pain Institute of Long Island is to identify each patient’s true source of pain and to eliminate or minimize the use of medications like opioids, as long-term opioid use has proven to be an unsuccessful form of treatment.

“The Pain Institute of Long Island utilizes a number of leading-edge techniques, which give our world-class pain management specialists the ability to perform numerous treatments for patients who are in chronic pain,” says Dr. Durkin. “Our goal is to work in conjunction with other physicians in our area to help produce the end result that physicians and patients are striving for in terms of pain management.”

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