NSPC and Brian Snyder, MD: Advances in Neuromodulation for Patients with Chronic Pain

Technological advances in medicine have resulted in more versatile and more effective neuromodulation devices that can aid in improved control of various types of chronic pain. NSPC leads the way on Long Island in making these advances available for patients.

NSPC Brain & Spine Surgery Debuts Mobile Service at Islip Town Offices

NSPC Brain & Spine Surgery, Long Island’s largest independent neurosurgery practice group, debuted a mobile office service on Jan. 6 at the offices of the Town of Islip. Nearly a dozen town employees were examined by two NSPC neurosurgeons during a day-long visit to Islip.

Advancing Cerebrovascular Care: NSPC Specialists Elevate the Treatment of Rare Conditions

Neuroendovascular specialists at NSPC Brain & Spine Surgery are dedicated to the delivery of tailored care for rare cerebrovascular conditions, including arteriovenous malformations in the brain, giant intracranial aneurysms and Moyamoya disease.

Raymond Baule, MD, and Yusef Imani, MD, Bring Their Talents in Spine Surgery to NSPC

NSPC Brain & Spine Surgery welcomes two experienced neurosurgeons to its multidisciplinary team.

How Neurological Claims May Arise Directly and Indirectly in Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical malpractice lawsuits may involve many types of neurological claims. Patients and their representatives may assert claims directly against neurologists and/or neurosurgeons who provide care and treatment for diseases of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and muscles. They may claim...

Patricia K. Coyle, MD, FAAN, FANA: Expert Care at Stony Brook Multiple Sclerosis Comprehensive Care Center

Multiple sclerosis specialist Patricia K. Coyle, MD, FAAN, FANA, Professor and Vice-Chair of Clinical Affairs, Department of Neurology, Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University, and Director, Stony Brook Multiple Sclerosis Comprehensive Care Center, is dedicated to delivering sophisticated diagnostics and treatments to individuals living with this chronic neurological condition.

Stony Brook Medicine: Courtney Pendleton, MD, Offers Surgical Solutions for Peripheral Nerve Disorders

Specialists at Stony Brook Medicine are equipped with extensive training and sophisticated technology to address dysfunction created by peripheral nerve complications.

IOM Solutions Inc. Brings Precision and Peace of Mind to the OR

IOM Solutions Inc. partners with many of Long Island’s leading hospitals, health systems and physician practices to provide intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring (IOM) that helps neurosurgeons, orthopedic spine surgeons and other specialists safeguard the nervous system during rare and routine procedures.

Neurological Surgery, P.C. Stays at the Forefront of Ever-Evolving Brain Tumor Diagnosis and Treatment

At Neurological Surgery, P.C., neurosurgeon subspecialists treat adults and children with brain tumors by using a blend of clinical expertise, technological sophistication, personalization and compassion.

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