David Fiorella, MD, PhD: Advanced Stroke Treatment at Stony Brook University Hospital

David Fiorella, MD, PhD, Professor of Neurosurgery and Radiology, Director of the Stony Brook Cerebrovascular Center and Co-Director of the Stony Brook Cerebrovascular and Comprehensive Stroke Center, provides mechanical thrombectomy and other highly effective treatments to promote excellent outcomes among patients with stroke.

Reza Dashti, MD, PhD: Nuanced Treatment for Complex Cerebrovascular Conditions and Skull Base Lesions at Stony Brook University Hospital

Reza Dashti, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Neurosurgery, Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University, and Associate Director of the Stony Brook Cerebrovascular Center, brings advanced treatments for both complex and common conditions to the people of Suffolk County.

Next-level Technology Redefines the Delivery of Vascular Care at NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens

NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens (NYP/Queens) Heart and Vascular Center emphasizes endovascular intervention that provides highly advanced techniques and technologies including leading-edge imaging tools. At the vanguard of a revolution in vascular care, the team gives Long Island physicians a local, up-to-date referral option for comprehensive vascular services.

St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center: Advanced Vascular and Endovascular Services in a Community Environment

From nuanced, millimeters-deep vascular surgery to lifesaving endovascular repair of major arteries, physicians at St. Catherine of Siena offer state-of-the-art techniques in a community environment, close to patients’ homes and workplaces.

Neurological Surgery PC Specialists Offer a Less Invasive Alternative for Stroke Treatment and Prevention

For patients with symptomatic and asymptomatic carotid artery disease, carotid stenting is a minimally invasive alternative to carotid endarterectomy that reduces the risk for stroke and transient ischemic attack.

Treatment for a Range of Venous and Arterial Conditions

With more than 30 years’ experience in the community, American Access Care/Fresenius Vascular Care now has offices conveniently located in Queens and Roslyn.

Screening for Vascular Diseases — Thinking Outside the Heart

At Suffolk Vascular Associates, prevention of life-threatening cardiac events or stroke starts by screening at-risk patients for vascular disease.

Suffolk Vascular Associates 
Treats PVD With Office-Based Care

With fully equipped, state-of-the-art angiography suites located within its Port Jefferson Station and Smithtown offices, Suffolk Vascular Associates has moved peripheral vascular disease (PVD) care out of the operating room and into the domain of noninvasive Treatment In outpatient centers.