Men's Health

Jahan Aghalar, MD: Advanced Treatment of Male Cancers at New York Cancer & Blood Specialists

At New York Cancer & Blood Specialists, state-of-the-art treatment and wraparound support for exclusively or predominantly male cancers, such as prostate, penile, testicular, bladder and kidney cancer, do not begin at diagnosis and end at remission. They are tailored to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual and financial needs of patients across the spectrum of care.

Men’s Health: Mitigating Exposure in Prostate Cancer Cases

Jacqueline D. Berger, Esq.

Prostate cancer is known as one of the most common, treatable and least life-threatening cancers. One in every nine men will have a diagnosis of prostate cancer in his lifetime, but only approximately 2 percent of those patients die from it. However, physicians...

Beware of the Second Opinion Exposure

As individuals take more ownership of their health, there is a significant increase in the pursuit of second opinions. Second opinions are so frequently sought that many institutions, including the Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins University, have begun offering online second opinions. In 2005...

The Significant Dangers of Engaging in a Physician-patient Relationship with Family or Friends

It is quite common for physicians to be asked to render “informal” care and treatment to family and friends. Providing casual care and treatment, even by way of a simple prescription, while probably common, can result in potentially serious adverse medical consequences for the patient...

Baby, It’s Cold Outside — Layer Up (Your Network)

Your IT team installed that Enterprise version of a leading antivirus product that the CFO eventually approved. You feel safe and protected. News flash: many antivirus products available on the market will not protect your network against today’s phishing, ransomware and other malicious software (malware). But wait: don’t uninstall that antivirus just yet! Let’s review a common approach to Layered Security used by businesses of all sizes and industries.

Experience Matters: David B. Samadi, MD — Advancing Robotic Prostate Surgeries Worldwide

Expertise in open, laparoscopic and robotic-assisted laparoscopic modalities led one prostate surgeon to develop the revolutionary SMART prostatectomy, which reduces operative times and postoperative complication rates. Now, he offers this innovative procedure to patients from across the globe in a customized unit at Lenox Hill Hospital.

At Winthrop-University Hospital, No Man Is an Island

Men can be hesitant to seek medical treatment, especially in nonurgent situations. Providing comprehensive men’s services, Winthrop-University Hospital makes it easy for Long Island men to receive multispecialty preventive care and medical management.